You should be given a care programme that covers all options for treatment. Treatment is not limited to medication and you/your relative should be offered the following options. Please note that not all options are available or suitable in all situations. Some options, such as talking therapy, may not be suitable at time of crisis but would more effective when the effect of medication has stabilised the symptoms of the illness.

Please note that the alternative treatment option do not generally replace medication. You should not stop your medication without discussing first with your medical team.

There is a wide variety of treatments on offer

  • medication - often the first line of treatment, used to alleviate the symptoms of the illness
  • talking therapy
  • cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • occupational therapy
  • family therapy
  • other

This list is not exhaustive and not all types of treatment are suitable for all people.

If in any doubt do check with your GP or psychiatrist