The Scottish Government has launched a Wellbeing for Wee Ones campaign which is aimed at parents of young babies and seeks to:

  • Illustrate how interacting with babies from the moment they're born is so important for their child’s brain development
  • Reassure parents that the natural interactions they already have with their babies are having a huge impact on their emotional and social wellbeing, now and into the future.

“You can never give your baby too much attention. However, it's important that the attention you do give is tuned into their cues and signals. They sometimes feel stressed by too much stimulation and may want to turn away. Your attention is then a quiet soothing attention rather than a playful one. Even thinking about them while they're sleeping seems to help their wellbeing and development.”

- Dr Anne McFadyen, Infant Mental Health Lead

Visit the Wellbeing for Wee Ones website for a library of resources