Self Directed Support (SDS) is  the   new way of receiving support from social care services. It is designed to enable people to have more choice and control over their support planning and delivery.

SDS is for people who are entitled to receive support from social services. It involves    having an assessment of what outcomes you want to achieve from your support. You can then find out what your individual budget is and take one of four options for how this is managed, with different levels of control on your part.

  • Principles of SDS

The principles which underpin SDS mean that it should be about Dignity, Involvement, Informed Choice, Collaboration and a right to take part in the life of a community.

  • How Do I get SDS?

If you think that you may need some support to allow you to live your life in the way you would like, or if you already receive support and are interested in finding out about how SDS could be used to meet your needs

To find out if you qualify for SDS you need to ask for an assessment with your social worker/ care manager.

Each Local Authority will be implementing SDS in a different manner.  To find out how it will work in your own area call your local resource centre or our National Office.