Support in Mind Scotland takes a rights-based approach.

  • That every individual has the right to be valued, and to share in the opportunities, enjoyment, challenges, responsibilities and choices of everyday life
  • That those who experience mental illness, and mental health problems, their families and carers and friends, are entitled to quality support in the community or in hospital, or in their own homes as they choose
  • That those who need care and support should be enabled to play an active role in the decisions that impact on them
  • That people affected by serious illnesses, like schizophrenia, have a specialised knowledge and expertise, which will be reflected in all that we do

Our current strategy has prioritised some key issues for change:

STIGMA AROUND SCHIZOPHRENIA AND PSYCHOSIS: Challenging the stigma faced by people living with psychosis/schizophrenia

MENTAL HEALTH CARERS: raising awareness of the specific rights and needs of families supporting someone with a mental health problem – particularly those being treated under the Mental Health Act

HEALTH AND JUSTICE: Supporting people when health and justice collide – bringing complex issues and needs for support, crisis and distress

PARITY OF ESTEEM: Attacking the shocking statistic that people with mental illness die up to 20 years too early due to poor physical health

DISTRESS: Supporting people in distress

RURAL COMMUNITIES AND MENTAL HEALTH: understanding rural issues and taking a community development approach to mental health and wellbeing